Medical/Rx and Dental Insurance

Healthcare, Pharmacy & Dental benefits are all being provided to our member missions through Cigna, a global health service company with 95 million customers and more than 40,000 employees worldwide

Medical Plan Summary

Dental Plan Summary
Cigna National Network


Available Materials for Download:

Please Note: The following materials may change for 1/1/2019 due to ongoing formulary changes. Also, these materials do not include the diabetic test strips that will be covered at 100%.

1. Citygate Network PPO Plan SBC

2. Citygate Network HSA Plan 1 SBC

3. Citygate Network HSA Plan 2 SBC

4. Citygate Network Dental PPO Benefit Summary

5. Citygate Pharmacy 2018 Generic Only Preventive Drug List

6. Citygate Pharmacy 2018 No Cost Share Preventive Drug List

7. Citygate Pharmacy 2019 Standard 3-Tier Prescription Drug List



Transition of Care

Available Materials for Download:

1. Cigna TOC COC Brochure and Form